Twitter Growth. Day 1. Picking Accounts.

First step, picking the accounts I will be setting notifications for.

OK, following on from yesterday’s post, here’s my action today.

  1. Find 10-30 big accounts who have the followers that you want
  2. Follow them
  3. Turn notifications on
  4. Reply

I’m essentially a developer, at least as far as my personal projects go, although I’m a developer-turned-business-analyst in my day job. And yes, I can here the developers tutting and shaking their heads already. But I am what I am, and I make no apology for it 🙂

And most of the ideas I’ve been working on are really aimed at the maker/creator community because:

  1. That’s what I know.
  2. They’re willing to spend money to make or save money.
  3. They’re in it for the long-term, usually.

And off the back of that, here are the list of accounts I’ve selected, some of which I follow already:

  • @levelsio 99k
  • @thisiskp_ 22k
  • @agazdecki 47k
  • @MichaelJNovotny 3k
  • @HainingMax 4k
  • @arvidkahl 35k
  • @jones_spencera 4k
  • @AngeZanetti 5k
  • @dvassallo 76k
  • @tibo_maker 13k
  • @nocodedevs 10k
  • @KarthikS2206 19k
  • @sahilypatel 36k
  • @iamwillcannon 25k
  • @yongfook 37k
  • @MeetKevon 5k
  • @IndieHackers 72k
  • @alexwestco 19k
  • @SamyDindane 8k
  • @theandreboso 11k
  • @damengchen 16k
  • @DruRly 18k
  • @mijustin 31k
  • @Kev_Conti 2k
  • @aaditsh 50k
  • @landforce 25k
  • @jakobgreenfeld 5k
  • @awilkinson 165k
  • @shl 240k
  • @5harath 15k
  • @Yannick_Veys 16k
  • @NickAbraham12 11k
  • @nocodelife 9k
  • @AndreyAzimov 14k
  • @rrhoover 194k
  • @linuz90 9k
  • @bentossell 40k
  • @marckohlbrugge 30k
  • @thepatwalls 15k

There’s a big mix there from 2k to half the internet, but that’s how it goes.

And that’s it done. 

Till next time, be well.