Twitter Reply Challenge. Day 1 (109)

These little experiments won’t always be about Twitter, but it’s definitely an area I’m looking to focus on in the short term.

So the experiment I’m starting today is Josh Spector’s 30 day reply challenge. Although it’s a 30 day approach, only the first and last day are fixed – the other 28 you’re advised to do in any order. Also, he’s mentioned in his tweets that he thinks it would be OK to do faster.

So, I’m going to do it in less than 30 days, but I’m not going to fix a timescale. I’ll just reply in the various formats he suggested, as-and-when I can add value to conversation.

Progress so far:

  1. Replied to Josh to say I’m doing it. I know that’s a promotional benefit for him, but it’s only fair.
  2. Replied to a previous contact (someone I’ve debated within the past, who has some new content).
  3. Replied to congratulated someone (a person who did a great build in public walkthrough and ended up with a live product).
  4. Replied to replies (replied to someone who replied to one of my tweets).
  5. Replied to another replied (replied to someone who replied to a tweet by someone else).

These are all pretty straightforward steps, that I do anyway when on twitter, but let’s stick with the program!