Twitter Success At Last

With now around 100 followers, I don't get much activity on my tweets. But suddenly, one that I threw out there gained (comparatively) a lot of interest)...

My usual tweets:

Occasionally, some brave soul decides to reply, retweet, or like, but those are all in low-single-digit numbers.

Then there’s this:

At the time of writing, 21 replies, 29 retweets, and 162 likes. And I’m now at 127 followers, a jump of 18 from 2 days ago. That’s compared to my average of about 1 a day, so I’m assuming it’s all from this tweet.

OK, it’s small-scale success compared to some, but I’ll take what I can get.

The weird thing is:

  • The tweet didn’t add value.
  • It wasn’t a reply to a large-follower account.
  • It didn’t ask a question to engage readers.
  • I wasn’t providing any insight or experience.

Twitter: I’ll never understand you.