You’ve heard of #BuildInPublic

Well now it’s time for #MarketInPublic

Are you looking for a little fun reading with, hopefully, a little insight on how to market your side-project, side-hustle, starter, or whatever they’re called this week?


Or read past updates first.

Then come along on a journey with me as I enter:

The Twilight Zone

Only kidding: I’m actually doing some marketing. And sharing the actions I take and results I achieve.

Many of those results might be garbage, as I’m learning as I go. But I hope you learn as much from my mistakes as you do from my successes.

Andy has been sat in front of computers since he was 9 years old!
And yet somehow, he seems to have only made this site. Is that it?
Mrs P
Andy’s Mum
I’ve known Andy since we were 16
We met after leaving school, and he’s been hanging around me ever since. He’s… alright, I suppose
Bob Roberts
Best internet entrepreneur I’ve ever known
In fact, he’s the ONLY internet entrepreneur I’ve ever known. I don’t even know what he does. Other than it seems to involve a lot of messing around on Twitter.
Celia Almeda

PS I’m an avowed techie from the day I hand-built a speech-synthesizer circuit-board for my humble ZX Spectrum, and it  A) it worked superbly (for 1980s technology), and B) didn’t catch fire, and this is marketing. So it might as well be The Twilight Zone, right?